6 Reasons Why People Use Self Storage Units

6 Reasons Why People Use Self Storage Units

People use self storage units for many different reasons. Some need more space, others want to store their belongings, and there are increasing numbers of start-ups and small businesses being established with people working from home. Whatever the reason might be, an increasing number of people are turning to self-storage units to get the extra space they need. As compared to other options, self storage spaces cost considerably less and keep their belongings safe and secure.

Here are six common reasons why people rent self-storage units:

  • Shortage of space

People usually don’t discard the things they no longer use. This is especially true if those things are still in a good condition. It could be a bed, a bike, an old Chesterfield, a bookcase or a Hi-fi equipment. Some people also store the extra furniture in storage units that they no longer need or have space for.


  • Moving to a new house

People usually have to move out of their old home before they move into their new home to avoid losing a good deal. If that is the case and you don’t have any pace to store your belongings, a self-storage unit is your ideal solution. Also, if you’re downsizing but don’t want to discard or sell your belongings quite yet, a self-storage unit will help you take time and decide what stays and what doesn’t.


  • Renovating

If you’re renovating your home and are worried about the workers walking through your home and damaging your sofas and other furniture, a storage unit would be ideal to store your valuable items whilst the renovation is ongoing.


  • Garden furniture and equipment

When autumn arrives and the grass in your lawn is cut for the last time, it is time to store all the garden equipment and furniture. But where will you store it? The space in your garage or shed may be too small to keep all those things. You are not going to use any of those things for months, so storing them in a self-storage unit is a good idea. It will also leave you with the free space in the garage and also protect your garden equipment and furniture.


  • Gap year

Many students choose to travel for a year before they enter the big world of work. However, they may have no place to store their belongings during that time. In such a case, a small self-storage unit is ideal for you. You can store all your belongings there and upon returning you can shift them to your new home.


  • Summer break

Students usually collect many different things during their stay at university. A sofa, CD player, and television to name a few.  If it is not your last year and your summer term is over, it is unlikely that you’ll want to take everything back to your home only to bring it back in three months. If that is the case and you are not sure who might be living in your rented accommodation during the summer period, a self-storage unit near your university or accommodation is an ideal solution. It’s just a small price you pay for a happy and peaceful summer break.

Summing it up!

Self storage units offer the perfect solution to many of your problems. Whether you are short of space, renovating your home, or planning to take a gap year and travel, a self-storage unit will keep your belongings safe and secure until you need them. Self-storage spaces are the ideal solution to both short- and long-term storage problems and therefore more and more people are using them.

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