Super Storage vs. Traditional Self Storage

Super Storage vs. Traditional Self Storage

Looking for self storage units in Stoke on Trent, UK. You must have heard of Super Storage. With a location such as Hanley at the heart of the county makes it one of the most accessible locations for self-storage units. The company provides its customers with the best storage and allows them to make room for the things that matter in their homes. Wondering what you can get from them that you can’t get from traditional self-storage. We have got all your questions answered.

Growing demand

We understand that the self-storage industry has witnessed a growth in demand like no other industry has in the UK. Storage spaces are becoming scarce and finding the right unit to cater to your needs is becoming increasingly difficult.  As a company that values its customers, we try our level best to ensure that there are enough storage units to cater to the growing demand and that each storage unit is of maximum utility to the customers.

Benefits for Businesses

We ensure that there is a climate control facility for the storage of perishable goods as there is a lot of business amongst our customers looking to use self-storage as an affordable alternative for warehouses. Self-storage is indeed a great use to small businesses and entrepreneurial startups because it can help manage inventory and stock as well as ease the burden on document storage when office sharing.

The best way that our company can cater to businesses is by providing mailbox rentals. Yes, as a home-based business your company’s image may suffer, and other organizations may not take you seriously as a physical presence is essential. The mailbox rental facility allows you to cut down on the utility bills and ensure that your business has a physical presence that clients, contractors and agents can reach through a physical address. This address is a unit designated to receiving your mail and forwarding it to your designated email address to ensure that the line of correspondence is steady and uninterrupted. It is especially useful to have a mailbox rental for your business if you are struggling financially but you also want to keep the company running.

Summing it up!

If you have been looking to move or downsize you will love that we not only provide storage units, we provide you with all the help you can get packing. Yes, from bubble wrap to efficient transportation and moving services, our company provides all. This is a great way to ensure that your belongings are safely shipped to the storage site and that they are in the hands of responsible people. Besides that, who doesn’t need a little extra bubble wrap while packing their belongings?

The storage facility itself is an incredibly safe one because it will allow you to ensure that your belongings are in safe hands. The facility allows you to access your storage unit at any time by visiting. Furthermore, you can see what is going on with the help of 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

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