Self Storage business booming as people in United Kingdom struggle with ‘Too Much Stuff.’

Self Storage business booming as people in United Kingdom struggle with ‘Too Much Stuff.’

It becomes clear that more people rely on storage facilities while looking at the flourishing self-storage industry in the UK All the difference is made with the fact that people generally use self-storage at critical stages of their lives. This may include anything from Downsizing, Moving, Kids going off to UniversityStarting a business, or Starting a family.  

Majority of people in UK have a lot of stuff but not enough space, whether we like to admit it or not. People must make alternative arrangements as storage at most homes and small businesses are limited. Self-storage is possibly the Easiest, Safest, Most affordable and flexible solution.  

The ones who are in needself-storage is an incredible asset based on a simple model of providing flexible storage options to those in need. This sector is very difficult to disrupt making it even more attractive for investors and customers alike. Self-storage sector has gained a lot of success since people are struggling with rapid urbanization.  

An increasing demand for space 

Many people consider an increasing demand for space a part of their daily lives. In ancient times people used to have abundant space, spare rooms or lofts for all the ends and odds. However, there is a tremendous increase in property and many houses have been transformed while adding more rooms.  

There is much more to it while lack of space is certainly a contributing factor to the ever-increasing popularity of self-storageThe growing demands of modern day living also includes how much we own. There are three particularly stressful situations many of us go through that often require self-storage as life can be challenging at times. Some of these may include Divorce, Moving to a new house, and an Unfortunate passing of a loved one 

Changing Social Dynamics 

Moving home, accounts for 39% of personal customers across the industry, according to an SSA survey. As compared to singles, divorced couples are more than twice as likely to use self-storage. Social dynamics have also played a major role according to that.  

Modern world’s dynamics have changed over the period because of the changing relationships, so, one needs to rent a storage unit to keep their belongings there. The need for additional storage comes in when people own the same items. With more space, some may decide on a temporary unit just until they can sell or donate the goods.  

As the adults live an independent life, so, they do need storage units for their extra luggage. Due to the evolving trend of family life cycle, nuclear families live in small one to two bed apartments, with limited space for storage. This increased pressure of urbanization causes the need to rent out self-storage facilities. So, one should rent these storage units in order to store their belongings and have free space at home.    

Many individuals decide to continue their contracts for long-term as compared to others. Self-storage units serve variety of purpose and can be rented for a shorter period that is for 1 year or can be rented for a longer period that is for more than 1 year  


Self-Storage and Business 

Self-storage serves a different purpose for business customers whereas, it was once used for storing excess household goods. In the UK, businesses now account for 42% of the 44.6 million square feet of storage space. That denotes that one in five of all units are for domestic and e-retailers. Self-storage located in Stoke on Trent provides space for Individuals, and Businesses, to store their inventory. Your inventory will be kept under strict surveillance guided by CCTV’s. There are various Self-Storage options available from which you can choose the right size of the container according to your need. So, you just have to make sure to make prior appointments with the staff to book your space.  


Self-Storage and Start-ups 

The recent increase in the start-ups has also contributed to the self-storage boom, if we speak of business. There were 3.5 million British businesses in 2000 and they have caused an increase in 2017 by reaching to 5.7 million. The greatest benefits of storage units are Flexibility and Affordability for many start-ups. 

It often requires an annual lease while renting a normal office space. So, it requires a bit of flexibility in terms of budgets. In terms of upscaling or moving out, self-storage is super flexible. On one- or two-weeks’ notice, businesses do provide this facility of storage.   

Security is also a major advantage while flexibility and pricing make headlines. Self-Storage units in Stoke on Trent provides climate-controlled boxes available in various sizes. The Self-Storage units are kept under 24/7 surveillanceThey are equipped with controlled access. It gives you the freedom and extra peace of mind that your belongings are safe under your own surveillance.  


If you are looking to rent storage units then Self-Storage in Stoke on Trent is what will provide you with maximum benefits ireasonable price. They are the ones who have proven record of keeping your belongings with utmost safety. Super-storage is a family-owned, local and well-known businessWe have self-storage units available in Stoke on Trent in variety of sizes at a competitive price. Do get in touch, if you need to rent for your Tools, Equipment, Furniture, or Anything else you can’t keep with you. Our friendly staff in Stoke on Trent in UK is there to guide you in every best way possible.  

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