How to turn Storage room into a Nursery

How to turn Storage room into a Nursery

Storage room into a Nursery

It is quite exciting for the parents to welcome a baby. It also means that you do need to make some changes in your life and in your house too. That space must be a place that is secure and completely comfortable.  

It doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy a bigger house just because there is a baby on the way. It is easy to transform a spare room into a beautiful nursery with just a little bit of know-how. Storage rooms are quite like empty spaces and one should organize them to make the best use of them. However, home renovations in general have a positive impact on you.  

In the UK, there is an increase in urbanization. It has caused people to shift into smaller homes. The degree of urbanization amounted to 83.65 percent in 2019, in the UK. Over the past decade, this has shown almost a three percent increase. The upward trend has been consistently positive.  

 With an increase in your family, there is a need to set up a separate room for your newborn. You can use your storage room to transform it into a nursery.  

Turn your storeroom into the most soothing, beautiful and fun space that will have all that you and your newborn will need. All it takes is a lot of creativity, when the space in question is roughly the size of a sub urban closet. Here are some of the ideas that can transform your storage room into a useful nursery. 

 Plan Wisely 

You need to do the following, when you start transforming your storage room into a nursery: 

  1. Decide a budget & choose a color scheme or a theme (around 4th month of your pregnancy). 
  1. Redecorate walls, floor and arrange the lighting (around 5th month). 
  1. Choose storage solutions and furniture (around 5th month) & install them (around 6th month). 
  1. Buy soft decorations and furnishings, especially a beautiful and sturdy cot, and give your nursery a finishing touch (around 7th month of your pregnancy). 

 Carefully think about everything, go step-by-step and make it happen! 

 Go Miniature 

If you are looking for a traditional crib, then go for the mini one. The scaled-down frames and flexible features make them ideal for small nursery spaces. A mini crib may even help take the squeeze off your budget with many models ranging up at less than $400.  

 Skip the changing table 

There are some tiny things related to babies that needs to be kept in mind. You should not compromise on your nursery space by including a changing table in there. Go for a clever, space saving alternative like a crib-top changing station. These changing portable trays sit vertically across the crib. They are secured with straps and rail-hugging grooves. When you are done changing the diaper, the entire unit disappears under the crib.  

 Reclaim unused space 

Every square inch count when you have a small nursery. Make some space under the crib. Remove those dust-bunnies and reclaim that space in the name of sensible storage. Consider reversing the direction or install an over-the-door storage rack to make use of the narrow space behind if your nursery door swings in.  

You will be astonished to see how much extra space you can save when you think out of the box.  

 Take it up a peg 

You can turn an empty wall into storage central by installing industrial-style pegboard. Add a frame, a fresh coat of paint and an assortment of adorable accessories and the family tool bench will be the last thing in your mind.  

It allows you to hang decorations without making additional holes, as pegboard is also a great way to minimize damage to your walls. 

 Shelve your storage woes 

To organize small spaces, floating shelves are a must-have. All these unique beauties give a wealth of storage without even stealing an inch of precious floor space. They can also be used in place of furniture. table-height shelf that is next to your rocker can hold a small lamp and some bedtime stories as well. Here, a wall-mounted shelf doubles nicely as a kid-friendly craft/workspace.  

 Get the hook up 

It is great to use wall hooks to make maximum use of your vertical space. You should maximize the storage potential and hang the large canvas bags from each knob and stuff them full of plush stuffed animals, toys, socks and anything you want.  

 Install book ledges 

If you have some three inches of space left behind your baby’s bedroom, you can decorate that room to transform into a small library of your little one’s soon-to-be favorite storybooks. Book ledges can be used to hold dozens of books as they take up a fraction of the space of a traditional bookshelf. They are easy to install and inexpensive too.  

 Double your closet space 

Add a second rail to your kid’s closet as it is an easy and quick way to double the closet’s capacity. Staggering the rails allows for closer placement while leaving plenty of room for additional storage below.  

 Ditch the closet door 

Furniture placement can be tricky made by closet doors especially in small rooms. Removing them will help in saving space that would otherwise be needed to accommodate the open door while allowing you for more room and some more decorating options.  

 Repurpose your closet 

While organizing your little one’s nursery, you should be making most of your little one’s space. Try to put the crib in the closet. Cozy closet cribs make the room feel bigger and free up floor space for other nursery necessities like a comfortable rocker.  

 A Baby Swing 

Though they are not essential but extremely useful for your newborn baby. Consider you have a lot of stuff to do but the baby is in your arms. If you put the baby in the crib where he is safe, he starts to cry immediately. You are stuck and desperate and your work suffers too. That’s the time when the baby swing is most useful. The chair imitates the mother’s womb rocking back and forth in motion. It is the best way to calm a crying baby. Some babies like to engage with the toys hanging in it while others like to nap in them. Your baby will be happy and safe in it.  

Though they are only suitable for babies up to the age of 6 months. You need to rock them by yourself as they are not power-operated. They are very efficient in calming and soothing the baby. 


Storage is very critical especially if your room is small. You have no idea as how much stuff you will need for your little one. All these things need to be stored somewhere to keep your room tidy and easier to clean.  

When you plan to set up a nursery and decide whether to get a small dresser, drawers or shelves, consider allocating space for:  

  • clothes 
  • diapers 
  • blankets 
  • linen 
  • towels 
  • washcloths 
  • changing pads 

You may also want to consider having drawers or shelves for things like: 

  • baby care products 
  • thermometer and medication 
  • pacifiers 
  • breast pumps
  • wipes 
  • burp cloths 
  • baby nail clippers 
  • baby oil 
  • skincare ointments 
  • petroleum jelly
  • cotton balls, etc. 

 Soft Furnishing and Decorations 

 If you have finished all the tasks listed above, here comes the fun and easy part. Arrange some beautiful baby linens, cute pillows, nursery themed curtains and all those cute and beautiful baby decorations. Be inspired. You can give your nursery that personal touch which shows your taste. Get some posters, pictures, educative toys, and plush animals. Most importantly, have fun while decorating your newborn’s nursery.  

 What to do with your storage room stuff  

When you are turning your storage room into a nursery, all the stuff in that room needs to be placed somewhere. Rent a self-storage unit to place all your belongings in there for as long as you want. It can hardly cost you £40 per week. Later on, you can decide if you want to keep these items or you want to dispose them off. Find a storage unit that is situated in your vicinity. That way it will be easier for you to visit the place.  

 How much will it cost to turn a spare room into a nursery? 

 The total cost needed to transform your storage room into a nursery depends on the features and tools you want to add. Like any renovation, you can get to the end goal with a very basic budget. You can also spend big on a luxurious renovation or can go all-out.  

The most important thing to remember is that a nursery typically won’t require too much construction work like buildings. The huge expenses of yours includes things like painting, adding shelving, storage cabinets and buying furniture for the room.  

You can carry out an impressive renovation well under the price of £1,000 including the crib. A total budget of around £ 5,000 can bring impressive results, inclusive of the cost of the storage unit 


Considering the family constraints in today’s world. One should make use of the limited space available in the storage space in their homes. Stores are one thing that is of no use. Make use of these stores if there is a new member coming to your home. Decorate the storeroom into a nursery and welcome your newborn in this world while making use of this space. Practice the above-mentioned tips to transform your tiny area into a useable nursery for your newborn.  

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