What to look for while renting a Mailbox

What to look for while renting a Mailbox

To have a personal mailbox is useful and has many advantages. It gives you a stable shipping and mail address in case you are traveling, live in a remote area, don’t have a permanent address, or even for your business needs. A PO Box is assigned to your rental mailbox which offers a flexible solution to all your mail needs.  

 Renting a mailbox is much more than simply having someone to take care of your mail. There are many advantages to both individuals and businesses if they rent a mailbox from having a fixed address for correspondence to much more.  

You can have all your mail forwarded to a different address anywhere in the world or can rent a physical box with a 24-hour access.  

If you are in an office space that doesn’t have people there all the time during normal business hours, or if you have home office for your business, you may want to get a private mailbox. Having one mailbox means better management of your mail and packages. 


What is a Mailbox, anyway? 

 A mailbox (often abbreviated as Post Office Box) is a personalized mailbox that is located inside a post office. The box is secure and safe _ so you can be sure that no one will tamper or steal your mail. The majority of mailbox rental companies provide 24-hour access and extended business hours to your mail.  


What are the advantages of having a Rental Mailbox? 

Rental Mailboxes have many advantages over a personal, at home mailbox. Initially, PO boxes are assigned that are very useful for all those living in areas where it is difficult for mail carrier services to deliver mail. If you travel a lot or are out of town often then PO Boxes are also a good thing to have.  

Go for a PO Box if security and privacy are your top concerns. The reason for renting a PO Box is that it will keep your important documents confidential and your home address private too.  Own a home business? If you rent a PO Box, it will allow you to differentiate your personal mail from your business mail. 


How do I reserve a new Rental Mailbox? 

 If you are shifting to a new city, you must have a long list of things to do before the big relocation. Thankfully, it is very easy to apply for a Rental Mailbox in your new home. You can apply through a proper mailbox rental company or in person too.  


Here are the steps to book your Rental Mailbox online: 

  1. In your new location, sign up online and find an available Rental Mailbox in your nearby area. 
  2. Choose the size of the Rental Mailbox you wish to rent. 
  3. Choose the time frame you wish to rent the Rental Mailbox. You can choose from either a 3-month rental, 6-month rental or 12-month rental options.  
  4. You will then need to start the application process after creating an account. 
  5. Bring the printed form, two forms of ID, and your emailed receipt upon completing the application.   


To reserve your Rental Mailbox in person: 

  • Print the application form and complete it by hand. 
  • Take the form to a mailbox rental company that is most nearby and convenient for you. 
  • Once the payment has been received and your address has been verified, they will give you a new PO Box address, so you can begin your service. 


What are the different Rental Mailbox sizes? 

PO Boxes come in five different sizes: 

  • Extra Small – It can hold 10 to 15 letter envelopes or up to two rolled magazines. 
  • Small – It can carry 10 to 15 letters or up to 5 rolled magazines. 
  • Medium – This size box allows space for magazines and larger envelopes to be kept straight. 
  • Large – This mailbox can hold two stacked shoeboxes and 10 to 15 letters. 
  • Extra Large – The extra-large box can hold multiple Flat Rate Boxes and parcels. 


What can I use as a valid ID? 

You are going to need one photo ID and one non-photo ID when you arrive at your local rental mailbox company. All the identification should be traceable and must contain relevant information. It should be able to prove that you are who you are. 


Acceptable forms of photo ID include 

These are the acceptable forms of photo ID that include a current driver’s license or state ID card; a government, military, recognized, or university corporate ID, alien registration card, a passport, or certificate of registration.  


Acceptable forms of non-photo IDs include 

They include a mortgage or deed of trust, a current lease, a vehicle registration card or a voter, a vehicle or a home insurance policy.  

There are many advantages that you can avail of by renting a private mailbox. 



You won’t be having any more missed deliveries just because they require a signature from the receiver. When you own a private mailbox for your home business there is always someone there during normal business hours to receive your oversized mail and packages on your behalf.  



Renting a private mailbox allows you to keep your home address anonymous which you may otherwise want if you don’t have a business that demands customers to come to your home.  



Your packages and mail are kept safe and secure until you pick them up. There is a greater risk of theft if you keep them in an unprotected home mailbox. Moreover, if you are away from home for a few days, your mail won’t stack up in your mailbox while letting people know that you are gone.  



If you travel within the same part of town, your address can still stay the same on all your printed materials, business cards, websites, and elsewhere. If you are working or traveling from another location for an extended period, you do need a rental mailbox. For a set duration of time, you can have your packages and mail forwarded to you at the new location from your private mailbox provider.  

You can rent a physical box with 24-hour access. You can also have your mail forwarded to a different address anywhere in the world.  

There are two different types of rental Mailbox available, namely:  

  • Personal Mailbox Rentals 
  • Business Mailbox Rentals 


Business mailbox rental 

Small business owners can really benefit from the credibility that a fixed address in a city center location provides. For home-based businesses selling products through a website, business mailboxes offer the ideal solutions. There are many online shoppers who are looking to encourage a fixed address in a city center location.  

Similarly, people doing business through Amazon, E-bay, etc., do prefer to keep their identity anonymous. For that purpose, renting a business mailbox is preferable.  

For all home-based businesses, a business mailbox offers the ideal solution while selling products through a website. A lot of online shoppers look for the reassurance of a business address.  


  1. Cost

Many advantages are offered by the business mailbox rentals while renting office space, without the overheads and the price tags.  

  1. Prestige

Without the expense of renting office space, you can rent mailbox rentals with a prestigious company to impress your clients.  

  1. Working from home

You don’t want that your clients should know that you are working from home. Without incurring an extra cost, renting a mailbox can give the image of a fixed office.  

  1. Reassure your clients with a fixed address

It doesn’t matter if you provide a face-to-face service or sell products through a website, your clients like all the correspondence through a formal official address.  

  1. Privacy

From a business’s perspective, it is ideal to keep your home address private from your clients. No one likes the idea of a client showing up at their doorstep.  


Personal Mailbox rental 

 Renting a personal mailbox gives you security and privacy while providing the convenience of having someone available to accept delivery of your parcels while you are at work. 


  1. Peace of mind

While renting a personal mailbox rental, your mails are kept secure and safe and processed by some fully trained staff. To sign for private parcels or for valuables, you do not need to worry about it arriving in an empty house or couriers asking your neighbors to keep them.  

This can be the ideal solution to prevent your parcels and post from going missing if you live in shared accommodation or a block of flats.  

  1. Convenience

The modern world has made our lives very busy. The last thing we want is to spend the whole day at home while waiting for courier delivery. Rent yourself a private mailbox and get free from the hassle of waiting for your deliveries.  


  1. Moving Abroad?

Many citizens who are shifting abroad also choose to keep an address in their home country for correspondence. This way your post is collected safely and sent to you by the rental mailbox.  


  1. Temporary address

A personal mailbox offers the convenience of having a fixed address for all your correspondence if you are staying at a temporary address, or you move to a new house frequently. 


  1. Privacy

Get a personal mailing address to protect your privacy. If you receive documents in the post or receive sensitive data, you must be carefree that there is someone to receive it and ensure it gets to you safely.  


What won’t work 

The unacceptable forms of ID include Credit Cards, Social Security Cards, and Birth Certificates.  


How much does renting a Mail Box cost? 

The cost of renting a mailbox depends on the size of the box you wish to rent, your specific rental mailbox location, and the length of the time you wish to rent the box.  You can check the different prices for your mailbox location online. Renting an extra small Mailbox for one year could cost you differently as compared to the rental price you plan to pay for the Mailbox for five years. Similarly, a medium box will cost differently. The price of a large mailbox rentals is higher than the price of a smaller one.  

The majority of the companies providing the services of mailbox rentals do provide the facility of renewal and reservation fees paid online with a credit card.  



It can be a little nerve-wracking if you receive all your deliveries at your doorstep. Renting a mailbox saves you a lot of hassle. There are many storage companies that are specialized in providing this mailbox rental service.  

You can make your life easy while availing of this service. No matter if you are a student, a homemaker, or a businessperson. This service of Mailbox rentals makes your life easy.  

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