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Are you seeking privacy and security for your mail and packages? Consider renting a private mailbox or PO Box with us. Whether you're a busy individual or a small business owner, let us take care of your packages, mail, and deliveries while ensuring your important documents remain confidential.


We understand that privacy is of utmost importance to you. With our private mailbox rental service, you can receive mail with confidential documents without divulging your home address for security reasons. Our advanced techniques ensure you get unoccupied mailboxes from the mail provider, safeguarding your personal information.

Mailbox Rental Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses can benefit greatly from our Mailbox Rental Services. Having a dedicated mailbox address ensures that your customers can easily send you mail, helping you run your business more efficiently. Super Storage's parcel-receiving service is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to start receiving mail immediately. You can even opt for notifications when large or valuable parcels arrive.

Mailbox Rental Services for Individuals

For individuals, our mailbox rental service provides the ideal solution for receiving parcels and other items securely. You can receive parcels from any carrier service with 24/7 access to your mailbox and a personal mailbox address. Our economical payment options make it convenient for you to enjoy the benefits of a professional and secure mailing address in the UK.

Benefits Of Mailbox Rentals

Having a dedicated mailbox rental will ensure that all your mail is received on time and safely kept until you pick it up or have it forwarded to another location. If you do not want to keep receiving mails at home or at work, then this is the ideal solution for you!

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Privacy and Security: Your mail is safe with us, ensuring the privacy of your mailbox.
  • Professional Image: For businesses, a mailbox rental at Super Storage provides a professional-looking street address.
  • Professional Image: For businesses, a mailbox rental at Super Storage provides a professional-looking street address.

Choose Super Storage for reliable and convenient mailbox rental services in the UK. Let us take care of your mail.

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Well, it’s a business where you essentially pay a fee to have your own private mailbox and key. You are sent a key through the mail and are able to access your mailbox at your convenience. Some people opt for mailbox rental because it allows them to have an office or residential address without actually having to go through the trouble of buying a business or home. Others use it as a matter of convenience when they are traveling.

This will provide you with a confidential mailing street address where people can drop off your mail rather than having it delivered to your physical home or business address.

This address will basically be the rental business address with your name or your company's name written on it.

It is very simple and free of cost process. As we receive your new mail, you will get an email or SMS notification. That is totally optional and as per your choice.

Most mailbox rental companies state that users are entitled to collect mail only during the agreed upon user hours. You can collect your mail from our stores directly, or have it delivered to your home through our mail forwarding services.

All mailboxes are required to have at least one name on it. However, some residential addresses may be issued 2 names on their primary mailbox, if the address is receiving a large amount of mail.

Yes, Every Mailbox Rental service allows you to receive reasonable-sized packages that will be stored in your box. We will notify you through email once a package has been received.

You, can use our address as your Registered Address. All of your official mail, letters from Companies etc. will be sent to your inbox the same day they are received.

Normally mails directly comes in rental mailbox address and you can easily pick your mail from there. However a rental mailbox user have an option to forward the mail to any desired location by availing mail forwarding service while paying some additional amount to mailbox rental cost.

A private mailbox is a physical street address whereas A P.O Box is just a number. A P.O Box is a box in the post office where you can receive mail and packages but not from other carrier services .You have limited access to your mail because these offices are available only during business hours.

Rental private mailbox gives you 24/7 access to your mail, accepts all carriers and is typically more secure than a PO Box because of its physical location.

If you want your business to accept personal letters from your customers, you can have it both ways: you can allow people to send letters to you, and also collect them from your own mailbox rental company.

The answer is no. A mailbox forwarder can only forward mail to a physical mailbox that it owns or controls.

If you want to send mail internationally, the best option is to use an online service like Google Mail, which allows mail forwarding without the inconvenience of having an actual physical mailbox.

Let's Consider renting a private mailbox with us