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Commercial Usage of Self-Storage Units

Whenever the term self-storage units come up; it is associated with personal storage. But storage units are also used for business purposes. The commercial units offer more features such as electricity, climate control, 24/7 access, and drive-up access. These amenities are especially provided to the commercial units. This is due to the fact that these units are the actual business place at times. Or they are storing commercial products. These units are especially equipped because they contain sensitive equipment. At times they contain things which can be damaged by humidity or temperature. Dollies and hand trucks are also provided for these units. This is to facilitate the packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of things.

Benefits of Using Commercial Units

If you are the owner of a business, then you must know the importance of storage space. Every business must have storage space which is present off site. If your business includes delivering things, then it would be best to have a commercial storage unit as it can serve as the pickup and drop-off point. These commercial storage units are very safe and secure so your belongings will remain safe. This way your goods will not be damaged, and you can store fragile things in them.

Solutions to Storage Problems

The commercial units offer solutions to problems of storage. These solutions cater especially to certain types of businesses such as retail businesses. They can benefit in a way because they usually don’t have enough space in outlets. The storage unit can offer them storage for products. For construction companies, commercial units can provide space to store building materials. For a marketing company, you can store the advertising material. You can store your inventory here if you are running an online ecommerce project. Or you can simply put away all the clutter of your office into the storage unit. This is usually the case with interior designing businesses. Medical and pharmaceutical companies often use commercial units for storage of medicines and pharmaceutical equipment. It is due to the presence of climate control inside the storage unit.

Cost Effective Storage Space

The cost of doing business nowadays is quite high. But not for the people who know how to minimize the budget by making smart choices. Using commercial storage will be very cheap comparatively. This is why people usually get commercial storage because it is very cost effective for commercial use.

Secure Storage

Security is also a huge issue nowadays. The fear of robbery and theft from a commercial storage site is less as compared to a place in the market. This is why people prefer to use commercial storage unit for their business instead of going for another option.

Temporary Storage Facility

At times there is a transitionary period and you might be shifting your business to another place. In this case your commercial storage unit will come in handy, as you will have a available space. There are plenty of issue when it comes to temporary storage of commercial goods. But having a commercial unit at your disposal will rectify that issue for you.


Having an electronic inventory is good enough to run your business operations. But when you have a commercial unit, you can label everything and let it sit there. Whenever you need to access it, you can do so by just walking into it. The hassle-free solution is a big reason why people have business storage.

Commercial Operations

Not all, but some people find these commercial units to be a great place for commercial activities. Some use it for business operations. These include content service location. You can just sit in the storage unit and use it as an office space to type content. It gives you the office environment. You can also use it for video production, as it provides good space to be used as a video studio. Commercial units are also thrift stores or dollar stores. Other businesses include photo studio and auto mechanic.  

Contractors & Accountants

The contractors and accountants have issues with storage space for equipment and paper work all the time. Hard copies of the work by accountants are always in paper files which need to be stacked away for record.


The real estate industry needs the commercial units. They have to keep household furniture and cleaning equipment in extra in order to use them wherever they need. This is an immediate problem of storage. If the space is available then it can be a lifesaver. Therefore, the realtors also use commercial unit for their business.

Sales Professionals

In the past the sales professionals faced a lot of issues when it came to storage space. They had to keep their banners and flyers for the promotional campaigns. But now they can safely and neatly place them inside the commercial storage units. Whenever needed to go for a promotional campaign they can just take them out and then return them back as well.


People from all walks of life involved in various businesses have opted for commercial unit for storage. It includes all sorts of businesses as the commercial units have proven to be a success factor. It is due to the fact that it saves money and caters to the storage task. The cost of a commercial storage unit is less than a commercial storage space. The amenities of the storage unit are also more in comparison. This makes commercial unit a very viable business option. The reasons include the availability of more space outside the office. Having surplus ready at the disposal of the retailers. Short term storage is good for the retailers, interior decorators, and businesses that are relocating. Handling and delivery are made easy. It helps in storing items related to medical sciences.

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