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Tips to maximize storage space in a small storage unit

When you want to get a storage unit, it is usually recommended that you get larger than you need. But at times your budget is below your minimum need. In that case, it is also fine to get a smaller storage unit. Or even get two smaller units. The trick would be to use them wisely. So that your belongings are fully stored in the small unit. Here are some tips to help you do that. However, keep one thing in mind that stuffing your storage space is not the best idea of optimal usage. Keep the space for an aisle in your unit so that you can easily move around. Otherwise, you would be bumping into your items. Moreover, when you pack things way too tightly, there may be the danger of breaking fragile objects like your crockery and mirrors. So, you should pack them with softer objects like clothes. 

  1. Use Uniform Boxes 

    The uniformity of size enables the boxes to be stacked vertically upon one another. This way you will be able to occupy less space horizontally. The uniform size of the boxes will enable you to stack as high as possible. Reach the ceiling with your stacks if you need to. Perfectly square carton boxes can be purchased from the market, or you can also purchase them at the storage facility.

  2. Disassembling Furniture

    Furniture can take up the maximum amount of space. To avoid that you should disassemble it. Armchairs, table legs, beds, everything was taken apart and put vertically in the storage unit. Putting the furniture upright will take less space and you can store the maximum amount of furniture this way. A small unit can accommodate furniture except for the mattress.

  3. The Wall

    The wall allows you to use it as a pegboard to hang things from. You can hang so many things from the wall since it is as wide as the floor. The things you can hang from walls include bags, art, tools and even a bicycle. The wall is a good space to manipulate so use it creatively and get the most out of your storage space.

  4. The Ceiling

    Most people do not use the ceiling at all. But it is also a very good place to be used. You can use it to hang your belongings. The ceiling can be used for things such as your bike and any other items you can hang with hooks. You can use bungee cords to hand heavy objects.

  5. Adding Shelves

    You can put shelves on top of your pegboard. Things like kitchen appliances, shoes, socks and other small items can be neatly put into this section. Just be aware of not putting anything that might melt. Or anything very up high that you need to get quite frequently.

  6. Be The Macgyver Of Storage

    Be a wise person; means that you can use the items to store items within. For example, use a suitcase to put your clothes in. You can put your socks in your shoes. Just look for empty spaces inside your items to store your items. Use every tiny bit of space.

  7. Heavy Stuff To The Back

    Use the space strategically. Always keep the heavy objects lined in the back. Also, keep them in the bottom and stack lighter ones on top of them. This is the basic layout of your storage space. Always follow it for optimal use of the storage space.

  8. Purge Your Storage Unit 

    You should recheck the items you are storing since you can always purge your storage space from all the items you will likely not use ever. Simply throw away all of those items and create more space in your storage unit. It’s the best way to keep making more space available.

    Many times, you are unable to get the amount of space required. You have to settle on less space and at times get two units of the same size. The storage space units can be used optimally for storing more items than you imagine. You easily fit in more items than before if you follow these simple tips. You shall not just have more space but you will also be able to move around in the storage unit in a much comfortable manner.  

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