What are you not allowed to store in self-storage units and why?
06 Feb 2020

What are you not allowed to store in self-storage units and why?

Storage units are a great way to store your personal belongings, business inventory and so much more. Self-storage becoming increasingly popular because of the facilities and convenience that it provides. There are many reasons why self-storage might work out for you. There are also many items that self-storage is not a suitable place for. 


Here’s a list of things that self-storage units do not allow and why you should avoid keeping them in a self-storage.   


Living things are a no-brainer

Storage units no matter how spacious are not safe for living things of any sort. They are not a place to crash when you are apartment hunting. They are unsafe for animals and plants are likely to die without sunlight and fresh air. Storage units are designed to block out environmental factors as such to ensure that your belongings are kept safe. 


Perishable goods

Although storage units are a great way to store business inventory, perishable goods have a short shelf life as it is, so they are always a risk. Anything that attracts rats, insects and mould is not suitable for self-storage units. 


Chemical and Strong Odors

As mentioned before perishable items that attract insects and rats are not allowed inside self storage units. Similarly, anything with a strong odour is not allowed because of the risk of attracting pests. Chemicals are also not allowed because the storage units as air-tight place and can lead to air-poisoning and other infestations.



Storage units are quite secure in design and they are insured against theft as well. They are not an ideal place to keep cash and other valuable things. Storage units are not banks and keeping your valuables in a safe is a much better option. 


Anything Radioactive

Keeping chemicals in the self-storage unit is not allowed and keeping that in mind, medical supplies or equipment that is significantly radioactive isn’t allowed. Radioactive equipment can result in harmful long-term effects and even cancer for the people that visit the storage unit facility or are responsible for security. Other toxic or flammable materials such as car batteries are also discouraged. 


Arms and ammunition

Depending on the contract that you have with your storage unit providers and the city bylaws of where you’re living, weapons and ammunition not usually allowed in storage units. In case the city you’re living in has laws against, it would be a good idea to keep them with your local gun shop or shooting range where they often provide lockers. 


Electronic equipment

Computers and electronic equipment can get damaged inside storage units when kept over a long time. The seasonal changes and humidity can harm electronics. Therefore, it is best to no store them over a long period of time. If you must store them, we recommend taking out the batteries. 


Anything illegal


Items which are stolen or illegal such as drugs, contraband items cannot be stored in a storage unit. The safety and security of everyone who uses the self-storage facility and works there is to be considered when storing items. The industry rules and bylaws must be followed and to avoid confusions read the guidelines provided by the self storage unit before availing any storage space.

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