Mail Box Rental @ Super Storage – Stoke on Trent

We offer a unique and real UK post address for your convenience whether your needs are commercial or non-commercial we can meet your requirements.

Reasons to use our service:


Personal customers

Our customers primarily rent a mailbox for the following reasons:

• Customers living in a shared house wanting to have their private post held safely and securely.
• Working from home and need a professional address.
• Selling products on eBay or amazon.
• Moving house or living at a temporary address.
• Working abroad or travelling / gap year.
• Requirement for a confidential mailing address to receive secure mail.



Business perception is of extreme importance and you can have credible business address without needing a physical office.

• businesses that need a confidential mailing address to receive, secure and hold mail.

• One by-product of using our service is Google and Bing related:

For example, a company that operates in Cheshire such as an electrician would be able to rent a mailbox in Stoke on Trent thus allowing them to list their additional address on Google/Bing Places for free to attract new business.


Customer Benefits

  • Easy Access
  • Collect your mail 6 days a week between 9am - 5pm
  • Call us in advance during office hours to check whether you have mail to save you a trip.



Mailboxes are monitored by 24-hour CCTV, and our mailing address service operates from our manned and monitored store reception areas.


Fair Price

We are competitively priced and the cost to rent your secure mailbox is just £19.99 per month with a returnable key deposit of £9.99.