personal self storageWe specialise in providing Personal Storage Solutions

If you need a quality and convenient storage space at competitive prices then Super-Storage™ is the storage company to help you in your storage needs.

We aim to provide a good customer service and flexibility in our approach.

The different reasons for having a personal storage unit are:

1)     Moving to a new house. If you are moving house then our units can help store your items until your new house is ready for them.

2)     Selling your house. Excess goods which need storing while selling your house. When you are selling your house you might need to store your belongings temporarily in order to de-clutter your house.

3)     Keeping valuables safe when on holiday or business trips. Knowing your valuables are in a safe place will give you added peace of mind.

4)     Storing furniture when building extensions. When you have bought furniture but do not have space to store them, you can temporarily store them until your building projects are ready.

5)     In need of extra space for exceptional reasons. When you just need that extra like for temporary reasons guests moving in, etc.

6)     If you need to de-clutter your residence. When trying to sort out any clutter and you are not sure what to do with certain item/items, you can temporarily store them until you know what to do with them.

The services we offer are:

1)     There is no waiting, if your type of unit is available, you can start using it straight away!

2)     Different sizes of storage (sq/ft): 35,50,75,90,100,125,135,150,200

3)     Size Estimator on website. We have a size estimator on the website to help you with your storage requirements.

4)     No long term commitment, hire units from week to week, month to month or year to year.

5)     No deposit required unless booking unit/units in advance.

6)     Storage trailer available for collection of items from your premises to our premises

7)     Trolleys. We allow free use of our trolleys.

8)     Convenient loading bays. Our loading bays provide easy access for loading and unloading..

9)     Easily store your pallets.

10)  We sell boxes, tape, bubble wrap etc. If you need packaging then we can supply a suitable packaging material.

11)  Easy access drive up units. We provide units that you can use easily get to with your vehicle

12)  Free parking. There is free parking on our premises.

13)  WiFi on-site. We provide free wifi for use.

14)  Free access to your storage so you can come and go as you please, during our open hours. You can have access to your items Mon-Sat (9:00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.).

15)  24/7 CCTV with security patrols.

If your plans change then you can:

1)     Increase or decrease your storage space. You can downsize or upsize your unit, if you need to, subject to availability.

2)     Increase or decrease the storage period. You can add or remove weeks, months or years to your contract if you want to.