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8 Ways to create space for work from home

The corona pandemic has disturbed the everyday lives of people all around the world. Work routine has been most adversely affected since people are now following a work-from-home norm. Remote work has become an everyday reality and for that, the once comfy home has turned into an office space. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your home space and enable it to be used productively.  

The correct spot  

Choosing the best spot to be turned into your home office is the first and most important step. You will have to keep in mind the factors of appropriate lighting available there, privacy, and also space; where you feel comfortable. Make sure that you pick a place where you don’t have to face a lot of distractions at home. If it’s a separate room in the house, then it’s the best choice but many houses are tiny so the people cannot afford a separate room.  

Lighting and comfort  

Lighting has to be perfect and it would be best to have sunlight in your workspace. You can also increase illumination by overhead lighting if your eyes are strained after a sitting. After lighting the next thing, you need to make sure of is the level of comfort you require. You can have a comfortable office environment at home where you can search for an appropriate chair to be placed at the desk. You don’t really have to go out and buy a new chair, simply find one that is at your disposal inside the home.  

Wi-Fi and power connection  

You also need to make sure that your workspace is properly connected to a power outlet and also has Wi-Fi service. You will be able to do calls from this place as well, so it would be best to make a test call and see how it sounds. Also, make sure that the wi-fi signal in that area of the house is strong enough to carry out all your tasks with ease.  

Ditch the bed and couch  

The level of comfort on the bed and couch makes it less likely to be a proper place for working. This arrangement will also make your bed feel like a workspace which you absolutely do not want since you need to feel rested in your bed. Or even the couch for that matter; which could be the right place to crash while you binge on movies and Netflix but definitely cannot be the platform for work. 

Decorate the work place 

Your workspace at home may not be perfect but you can still make it better with a little additional decoration. Putting a plant somewhere close to it might be a good idea. Also, other things such as decoration pieces can be placed at your desk. These slight changes can help you set the mood for a long workday.  

Working hours  

This is where you would have to make a conscious decision yourself. In a work from home arrangement, it is easy to forget about time as you can keep on working for many hours without an end. Therefore, set a time for yourself to wrap things up for the day and follow that timetable like you did at your regular office jobs. Otherwise, you will make this unique and wonderful experience a tough and grueling one.  

Small homes have spaces 

The spaces such as walls, areas under the stairs, cupboards, and attics can be cleverly used to set up your home office. You can find these spaces in tiny homes as well, where you might not be able to find a separate area for your home office. You can utilize these areas to your advantage by taking minimum space for your office. These little arrangements at home are now absolutely necessary due to the rise in work from home-based jobs.  

Add accessories   

The work from home opportunity gives you a chance to upgrade your office equipment, especially turning your laptop into a desktop with the help of laptop stands. There are several brands such as Vari Desk Pro Plus, Twelve South Curve Laptop Stand, and Homfa laptop table. You can also add accessories for your lumbar comfort, such as cushions, etc since your productivity will go down if you are sitting uncomfortably. Moreover, you can add desk lamps for your table, a blue tooth mouse, and wireless printers.
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Remote working is now a necessity and increasing your productivity while working in lockdowns can be a hard task. But it is not so difficult if you are well prepared ahead of time. Use these tips to make working at home a special experience and even increase your productivity with the help of these changes to the available space. 

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