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Moving House – Checklist 

Moving house is a big task. It’s also one that you don’t have to do alone. You can enlist the help of friends, family members and even your movers to move day smoothly. However, organizing all the tasks beforehand is essential for any good move. From packing up fragile items to heating up the fridge and freezer, there are lots of things that need to be done in order for your move to go smoothly! 

1. 6 to 8 Weeks Before you Move 

  • Change address 
  • Inform bank and credit card company 
  • Put aside a moving fund 
  • Book a removal company (if you haven’t already) 
  • Check cancellation policy of existing utilities, if necessary. This includes electricity, gas and water supply. If they’ve been cut off or turned off by the supplier without notice this could lead to unexpected charges when you move out of your home! It’s important that you contact your utility provider as soon as possible so they can arrange for someone from their customer services team attend at your new address within 24 hours providing proof that all necessary paperwork has been completed by both parties involved in order for them take action on our behalf.’ 

2. 4 Weeks Before the Move 

  • Cancel newspaper delivery. Notify utility service providers of your new address and arrange for any remaining meter readings to be forwarded to you. 
  • Give post office your change of address on all letters, bills and cards. This can be done by visiting a post office or calling them on 0300 123 0003 (from landlines in the UK). 
  • Arrange final meter readings with energy suppliers; this is usually done by going into their offices with a copy of your bill for them to check that it contains the correct information about when it was last read by their customer services team and any charges accrued over this time period (this will vary depending on what kind of meter you have). If there are any discrepancies then they will contact you directly so that they can resolve them before moving house! 

3. 2 weeks Before your Move 

  • Two weeks before your move, pack away delicate items like glassware and vases.  
  • Clear out the freezer; begin defrosting the day before you move.  
  • Don’t forget to pack keys for new house! Take meter readings for electricity and water. 

4. 1 Week Before your Relocation 

  • Check out your new home and make sure it’s ready for the move. 
  • Make sure that all of your items are packed properly, and have labels on them so that they can be quickly identified in transit. 
  • Let your friends and family know where you’re moving so they can help take care of last-minute details like paying rent on time or making reservations at a new restaurant! 
  • Pack up some essentials, like toiletries, food for the first night, clothes for the first week (and beyond), and any other items that may not fit into boxes or suitcases. 
  • Provide yourself with plenty of water throughout the day—you don’t want to feel dehydrated when you arrive! 

5. The day Before your Moving Day 

The day before your move, defrost the fridge/freezer and leave the door open. This will prevent condensation from building up inside and causing damage to your possessions. Pack up all fragile items such as glassware, ornaments and pictures. Mark boxes clearly with “fragile” on each side of the box so that they can be easily identified when unpacking later. Tape together loose corners on large furniture/boxes to prevent damage during transport. 

6. Moving day is Finally Here! 

You’ve been thinking about moving for weeks, and now it’s actually happening. You have a plan to get everything done in one day, but you can’t help but be nervous about all the moving parts: will you remember to pack the right stuff? Will you be able to find all your boxes when it’s time to go? And what if something goes wrong? 

Well, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a checklist of everything you need to do on your big move day in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that nothing gets left behind. 

  • Just read through this list and see how many boxes of clothes or dishes are missing and then cross them off the list! 
  • Pack an overnight bag with toothbrush, pajamas, chargers and medication 
  • Get cash for moving crew 
  • Don’t forget to pack keys for new house 
  • Take meter readings for electricity and water 


Moving house is an adventure, yet it can also be one of the most stressful times in your life. It is important to consider all aspects carefully and make sure you are prepared as possible. There are some items you will need to remember to do before you move, like collecting boxes or updating your emergency contact details, as well as other things that can make moving day a little easier on everyone.   Breaking down your task into manageable stages will help: first prepare yourself, then get ready for the move, move itself and finally start settling in.  When you have a plan of attack you feel less stressed out by the whole process and it seems so much easier. 

So there you have it, a complete Moving House Checklist. We hope this has been helpful in helping you plan ahead and make sure that the process of moving into your new home runs smoothly. 

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