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10 Creative Ideas to Create Small Storage Spaces at Home

Every household runs out of storage space at one time. Eventually, creativity comes in to salvage you from this problem. You do not have to be a professional interior decorator to be able to use the space around your house. Just follow our simple tips to have genuine ideas to manage your space wisely and optimize the storing capacity of your house and make it a self-storage facility.

Hooks and Shelves

A genius way is to put things up vertically instead of using the horizontal space which runs out into a wall. The hooks can be used to hang things or can even support open shelves for you to put your things. The best place in your house to put up these hooks and open shelves would be bigger rooms such as the living room itself can provide ample space. This can be a small storage unit at your room.  

Utilize the Corners

One of the best ways to make use of the corners in the house is to make shelves in the room available. These small shelves can get you enough space for storages. The best places in the house for such shelves are usually the kitchen.

Wall Mounted Storage Spaces

In the bedrooms there is a lot of clutter that keeps getting in your way as it lays there on the floor of the bedroom. This clutter can be taken off the floor and always shoved on to the top of the mounted storage. The best place to mount these would be right besides your bed.

Ladder Bookcase

Big bookshelves can make a small room over occupied and looks even stuffier. Instead use a ladder bookcase to put your books on. It gives an air of creativity to your room as well. Increase the elegance of your bedroom instead of making it seem like a small place filled with books.

Alternate Sizes

Shelves do not have to be up or visible in every place, especially small bathrooms which are already small enough. So, in order to make use of the available space the down sized shelves come in handy and use the bathroom space smartly for the storage of bathroom utensils. 

Open Spaces for Storage

Always look for open spaces to convert into self-storage facilities. A storage unit can be bind with another object to be used for putting things into. This innovative idea can used with as many objects as possible.  

Go for Multipurpose Furniture

Tables take a lot of space in houses, therefore getting a side table to be used for work is better than to have a kitchen size table ruin your space. Its compartments can be used for stuffing other things as well.

Space Around the Doors

A lot of belongings in your house can be put up into the space around the door instead of being put down into a storage space. Use the space around the doors to make spaces into the walls. Using the space around a door is probably the most efficient way to make use of space.  

Under Stairs Storage Facility

One of the most innovative ways to make a lot of space for storage is to have it right under the stairs. This space in houses is usually unused and can provide the best place for storage of your belongings.

Make Spaces in Walls

Huge books shelves and crockery shelves can be made into the walls. Creating spaces in walls is the best way to increase storing space of your house. You can store bigger objects into the space created within the walls. If you need to store many objects, then this is the best option for you.


It is inevitable to have less space for storage in houses that are smaller in size. It is also an impediment when you want to buy more things, but you simply cannot fit them inside your place anymore. The solutions for such problems are quite simpler than most would think. With the use of these simple tips like creating mounting spaces, hooks on walls and doors, ladder shelves and open storage facilities can increase the storage capacity in your house dramatically. They not only solve the problem but can also make your place look more creative in design. Moreover, less clutter will add a sense of tidiness to your living space making your overall living conditions better. More room to walk around and have people come over to visit your spacious home. The benefits of having free space at your disposal can be multiple.

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