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What to Do When Moving Out of Your House? How Self-Storage Can Help You!

Moving out of your house is an exciting thing. The pleasure of going into a new home is like a promise of a new beginning and new life. But before you jump on to the journey of your new life. You must keep in mind several things to do before you move out of your house. In the old days you may also had to get rid of a lot of your belongings before you embarked on your adventure of moving into a new home. But now, you don’t have to go through all that since you can find a self-storage unit to keep all your belongings. So, does that mean that now all you need to do is start moving boxes? Well, not exactly, you will have to do a thorough check-up before you leave your house.

  1. Confirm Your Date

select dates for moving house

You need to make sure with your estate agent, conveyer, or sales agent the exact date of when you can move into your new home in order to determine the date of your departure from your old house. This is also the most important thing to do in order to plan for other things involved in moving out of the house.

  1. Disconnect Utilities and Cancel Insurance

Moving out of your home is not a simple thing as opposed to the way it is seen. It requires you to stop using all the utilities in the house. These include letting the water, garbage, cable, sewer, and other departments know that you shall be moving out. You also must discontinue your home insurance or any other policy that you may have taken such as a mortgage.

  1. Start Packing

packing the moving house belongings

In order to prepare for your final move to get out of the home and settle in another place, you must start wrapping up all the stuff in your home. You must bring in all the packing boxes, different ones for every purpose. This would include different boxes for appliances such as desktop computers, electrical appliances, crockery, furniture, and all things included. The packing will also be different for each item. For example, in order to pack the furniture, you will have to disassemble the furniture first then you shall pack the items accordingly. For packing crockery, you will have to apply extra care as these are fragile items. To pack the desktop computer and other electrical appliances such as the LCD you will need to use the company’s own packing. Once you have got all the moving boxes ready then you are ready for the next step.

  1. Hire Moving Services

Now is the time to hire a truck that can move all your belongings to its new destination. In order to do that you need to contact the storage services as they provide the transportation. You need to decide before moving about the items you shall be taking along as there will be a lot of things that you shall be putting into the self-storage units as well. Once that decision has been made then you can call the truck in to move out your belongings.

  1. Cleaning the House

cleaning the moving house

If you plan to sell the house after moving out, then you must ensure that you leave a clean house after you. It is very important for your house to be clean from a buyer’s perspective. There shall be many corners of the house that have never been seen when the house was filled with furniture and other stuff. But as soon as the stuff is moved out of the way you will see all those spots clearly. Make sure to clean them up thoroughly before you leave the home.

  1. Leaving Keys and A Note

Before stepping out of your home for the last time, you need to collect the keys from all the family members. Make sure you collect all the keys from every room and then place them in the kitchen for the next homeowners. Also, leave a note detailing anything you would like them to know about the house. Also, don’t forget to welcome them in as it is a nice gesture to leave.

  1. Take a Leave for Preparation

The most important thing is to take a leave of absence from work in order to prepare for everything that is included in this task. It can include packing, collecting boxes, hiring moving services, and cleaning the house. All these tasks when being done can take long hours and thus must be done in your free time and you must spare days for it.

  1. Choose Your Belongings for Self-Storage Units

Benefits of self storage unit for moving house

There is always a big chance that your new house will have a shortage of space or that it will need more stuff to take the extra space. In the first case, you can always use the option of sending some of your belongings to self-storage units so that once you are settled into your new house you can manage to bring your stuff to your new place.

  1. Necessary Belongings

Make sure to go to your new home with the necessary belongings which are a must to have in any home. They include beds, kitchen appliances, and bathroom utilities. You can also buy these things before you leave home as these will be the necessary things that you cannot leave home without.


Moving to a new place is both an exciting and also a learning experience since it includes activities as well as some research to do. Once you are done with the researching, listing, and planning then you can move into the physical execution and start moving. Your planning phase will determine which items from your home will end up in the self-storage units. They will remain in there until you have the space or feel the need to get them out once again. There is a little margin of error in this task so make all the planning tight and impeccable.

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