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11 Reasons Why People Use Self Storage

The United Kingdom has 47% of the self-storage space in the continent of Europe. It means that there are a lot of reasons why people in the UK use self-storage facilities. In this blog article, we have tried to list as many as possible. You can find out why people need a self-storage unit and if the low-cost self-storage unit is the only reason for people to be attracted to this option. This is going to be helpful if you have been wondering whether I want to rent the self-storage unit near me.    

  1. Relocating 

This is the most evident reason why people need self-storage units in order to relocate somewhere else. During the phase of relocation, and there can be a lot of stuff that you need to move. All the things that you own cannot be moved in one go. Therefore, the self-storage spaces come in handy on these occasions.  

  1. Business Requirements  

Self-storage units are a cheap option to use for commercial needs. Many offices that require extra space for their equipment often do not have the means or the land to acquire it. Therefore, the alternative to that is getting the services of business self-storage. These units have even become operational requirement for offices as they put their seasonal promotional materials in the storage units as well.  

  1. Working Outside

Working Outside & save your belongings in Storage Unit

Many people go abroad for work for longer periods of time. They may live in another country or city for a few years and then come back. In the past the best option was to sell all your stuff, so you don’t have to worry about it at all. But now instead of doing that you can get storage space to store all your belongings until you return.  

  1.  Property Work or House Renovation

If you are renovating your property, then you also need to put away your belongings somewhere safe for the time being. Until the work is completed, and your house or property is ready for use once again. Now, with the use of personal storage unit you can easily remove all of your belongings and have them back again instantly as soon as possible.  

  1. Less Parking Space

We get a lot of things from people living in the inner-city areas who have only limited space to park their vehicles. Sometimes, it is a car, a bike, or a quad bike for kids. More items such as a boat can also not be parked at your home if you live in inner city, therefore all these items come into the self-storage domain eventually.

  1. Storing Documents

Storing Documents in Storage Unit

This is a very important reason for people to use storage facilities and for it you do not need to take up a lot of space either. You can get a locker room for this purpose, and it would be sufficient. However, managing huge piles of official documents is not an easy task which is being made simple enough due to the presence of storage facilities.

  1. House Clearance in Emegency

House clearance can become a necessity if a dear one passes away, and you are responsible for clearing their house as well as sell the property. The later might happen quicker than you expect, in which case your best solution is to keep their belongings in storage facility. This can help you choose which belongings you can keep for sentimental reasons and which ones you can discard immediately.

  1. Stock Movement

We keep a lot of stuff at our offices such as promotional material or seasonal material such as Christmas stuff that stays in the office all year long only to be let out at the time of celebration. It is however not convenient to keep these things in the office during off season. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons for the offices or business places to use self-storage units.

  1. Relationship Changes

Use self storage when relationship changes

If you are single, then you can live in your own style and a bachelor’s apartment can be a mess. However, as soon as your status changes to married, in a relationship or engaged then your spouse would probably move in with you. In this case, you will need to accommodate them and their belongings into your home. And there will be a lot of things that you shall put away to make room. This is the best time and opportunity for you to use self-storage.

  1. Making Room

 Sometimes, the space in your home is just enough to keep things for use and many things need to be put away as they are no longer of any use at all. For example, you may have had a child recently that does not require things which are for a newborn. So, all those things need to be put away into a self-storage unit. Therefore, people use self-storage also when they have extra belongings to be put away

  1. Hobbies

Perhaps you have a hobby which requires a lot of space and equipment. It can be a train set or heavy musical instruments such as a drum kit, large fishing rods or golf clubs. Or even vintage wine collection since they can also be stored in a dry and secure place.


Self-storage units are used at a great extent in UK, in fact the biggest user of self-storage in the European continent happens to be the UK. Nowadays life is very hectic and busy and maintaining your house, business and office is a difficult task which requires more than just home or office assistance. There is no alternative to a self-storage unit if your belongings have become a liability to you and your family. Migration from one city to another is very usual as work requirements are also there that put an added pressure on you to relocate. This is a very important reason for which people must abandon their homes and leave their belongings behind. Its best to keep them in the self-storage facility than to sell them off. Now everything does not need to be put away for any reason at all.    

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