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Tips on keeping your storage unit neat

You are perhaps one of the people who are using a self-storage unit. It might be because you are moving. Or you have moved into a new house with less space for your belongings. Or it could be because you are going out for a vacation. No matter what your reason to use self-storage units is, you always want to keep it clean. A neat and clean place is everyone’s preference.

  1. Get a Larger Space

    When you rent self-storage space it is better to get a space which is more than your requirement. It is better because then you will have some spare space. The spare space can be left empty in order to keep the unit cleaner. You might have the urge to get just the space needed. But it’s always better to get one size larger than your need. This way you will not have to worry about fitting everything into a small space.

  2. Uniform Boxes

    Best way to creating neat rows of boxes stacked in your storage unit is to use uniform boxes. Packing everything in uniform box es is the right way to do it. Its best to pack your things in boxes that are of same size, since they create a uniformity of space. On the other hand, if you select boxes randomly without considering their size then you shall have a difficult time packing things as well as putting them in a storage.

  3. Planned Placement

    Always plan how you want to proceed with unpacking. You should have a plan or idea in your mind about how you want to unload things in the storage unit. If you proceed without a plan, then you will run out of space. Once that happens, you will try to fit things into the unit. This practice leads to a messy storage unit.

  4. Create Inventory

    List all of the items that you are putting into the storage. Because when you put a lot of things into the storage you will not be able to remember them. We recommend that you write down the names of all things in a spreadsheet or an office application. You can also tag the location of the items so that you don’t have to look for them.

  5. Plastic Bins

    Cardboard boxes are fine but if you use plastic bins you will be able to locate things easily. You can actually see which thing is placed in which box if you use plastic bins. In cardboard boxes it would be opaque, and you won’t be able to see things. Maybe buying plastic bins is more expensive. But this expense gives you more ease and surety of your storage.

  6. Disassemble Furniture

    If you want to maintain a neat storage unit then you should disassemble the furniture and put it upright. You will have to disassemble the beds, chairs, and tables. Except for the mattress, everything else needs to be stored in an upright position. This would create more space for other items on the floor to be put.

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  7. Store Large Items in the Back

    As you are putting your items in the storage unit, start with the heavier items to be put in the bottom and back. By putting the heavier items in back would create more space for lighter items on the floor. Moreover, they are being in the bottom will create stable ground for the lighter items to be placed upon.

  8. Stack Vertical

    Always stack your boxes vertically on top of one another. Boxes have to be stacked as high as possible. If it is considerably high, then you need to get a folding stair into the storage area. Moreover, you should put the things in front that you often have to use. You would need to get them out more frequently, so it is logical to store them in front.

  9. Label Your Belongings

    You might be tempted to think that it’s not necessary to label things as you will be able to recall them. But once they have been inside the storage for a long time, you will not remember where you put them. Therefore, label everything clearly either by writing the item’s name or making a label. Always keep the label in front so that you can see it easily.

  10. Utilize the Wall

    Most of the people will just use the floor space and only put a few boxes against the wall. But the wall can be used as a place to hang bags, tools and pictures. So, you can utilize the wall by making it a pegboard. This way you will be able to spare some floor space as well as space inside your boxes.

  11. Utilize the Ceiling

    You can use the ceiling as well. The way to do this is to use bungee cords or hooks to hang things like you bikes and any outdoor equipment. Instead of using the floor space for such outdoor items it would be much wiser to use the ceiling. You can also use the bungee cord and hooks instead of shelves, around the perimeter of the storage unit.

  12. Climate Control

    The climate can wreak havoc on your stored items especially if they are furniture goods. Try using climate control in this case. Sometimes, you live in a place where the climate is adverse, and it can have an impact on your items. You have to use climate control storage unit in that case.


    There are so many ways through which you can maximize your storage unit capacity. Use your own management skills and these tips to keep your storage space neat and orderly. In order to get the maximum out of storage space use all tips given here.

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